The Many Benefits of College Fairs

College Fairs provide early exposure to colleges that saves time and money!

Above: Grand Canyon University graduates Ajienne (left) and Theodore (right), December 2021

This weekend, two of our students Kirk and Justin attended a Christian College Fair hosted by West Angeles Education and Enrichment Program which featured 15 colleges. Without boarding a plane, spending a dime, or having to endure the hassles of the TSA check-in process, Kirk met with the representatives of a number of schools including Southeastern University, where it seems he may have a good opportunity to transfer to.

Justin, an 11th grader here in Los Angeles, also got the opportunity to talk with college representatives from Florida, Texas, Idaho, Arizona, in addition to the ones here from California. This is exposure to schools he obtained in three hours that would have taken miles and miles of travel and tons of dollars.

If the expected goals of college include graduation, graduate school and/or satisfying employment, one of the first steps besides working hard and getting good grades is getting into an affordable, quality college. Attending College Fairs facilitates this process.

Both parents and students get to meet live, one-on-one with representatives of the colleges and are able to ask questions and get valuable information. Additionally, they make that critical human connection and may get insights that lead to tips and clues for early admission, better financial aid and other highly sought after benefits.

While we provide our students with study group, homework help and preparation for standardized exams, we work closely with West Angeles EEP for that vital college entrance component. Attending College Fairs is a big part of this process. Stay tuned and we will keep you informed.

Published by Mervin Lambey

Mervin has worked for the past 10 years as the Administrative Services Manager for the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Public Safety, Gang Reduction and Youth Development Program. Prior to this, he worked as the Director of Marketing and Resource Development for the Specialty Family Foundation at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School in Los Angeles. Mr. Lambey has considerable international experience working as a contracts officer for the Government of Belize and the Director of Evaluation for Planned Parenthood Belize (BFLA). He has an MPH from the University of South Florida and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Journalism from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

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