Focus and Motivation: Amore’s Successful Semester

Here at YRI, we’ve always maintained that motivated students display significantly more focus, which then leads to higher success. Amore has proven us right this past semester. She brought both her “Honor Roll” certificate of achievement and her award of excellence to the Young Stars group meeting this past Friday, and received a deserving round of applause from her peers.

For our part, we have a special prize for Amore as well to keep her encouraged as she works hard to repeat the feat this semester. In addition to being a member of the youth group, she also attends YRI’s online SAT prep classes.

Amore joined us when we first started with life planning skills training in June and she credits the introspection, reflection and planning skills she’s learned from it for her renewed academic vigor.

She is in 10th grade at Alliance Health Services Academy, but her goal in life is to have an art career or become a full time artist.

“I have a great passion for art since it’s a way for me to stay calm, happy, and express my imagination and creativity,” she told me after I asked if she was planning for a career in health services. And I should have known better since she was the one that designed the Young Stars logo.

“Many people love my art which are all originals,” she stated. “This makes me want to share them with others. There may be cases where my art can help other artists who are having a hard time trying to figure out their styles. My style can help motivate or inspire them into a style of their own.”

Amore is committed to attending college and majoring in art with the ultimate goal of pursuing an art-related career. This vision for her future and a step-by-step plan to bring it to pass served as major motivation this past semester.

“Throughout my academic life I’ve always gotten awards and medals for good attendance or honor roll,” she said. “But I never thought that I would get an award for the highest excellence in all of 10th grade. I’m hoping that these types of awards can get me into a great college and closer to my dream career.”

Here at YRI, we stand committed to help Amore and her parents position her for even greater success.

Published by Mervin Lambey

Mervin has worked for the past 10 years as the Administrative Services Manager for the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Public Safety, Gang Reduction and Youth Development Program. Prior to this, he worked as the Director of Marketing and Resource Development for the Specialty Family Foundation at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School in Los Angeles. Mr. Lambey has considerable international experience working as a contracts officer for the Government of Belize and the Director of Evaluation for Planned Parenthood Belize (BFLA). He has an MPH from the University of South Florida and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Journalism from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

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