Affirmation Space

Justin has been one of the first members of Youth Resilience Institute’s Young Stars Youth Club. He not only serves as a peer mentor to younger members, but he serves as President, and chief recruiter and facilitator of the groups life planning training.

The Young Stars want to congratulate it’s President, Justin Coleman for his selection to the LAUSD Region South’s Superintendent Advisory Council.

The advisory council provides a wonderful opportunity for students to actually practice leadership. They act as a liaison between the superintendent, and LAUSD students. Additionally, they provide meaningful dialogue regarding students’ views of the performance and operations of LAUSD.


El Camino Community College Bound

Jay and Rhi Rhi expressing the satisfaction that comes with High School graduation.

This summer 2023 has started off with anticipation and excitement among the members of YRI’s Young Stars Youth Club.

In addition to the two birthdays being celebrated at the beginning of this summer, the Young Stars have experienced the joy of joining Jay and his sister Rhi Rhi in celebrating his graduation from Environmental Charter Highschool Lawndale. Moreover, we share his excitement that in another month and a half, he will be pursuing further studies, on the road to his plans to become an electrical engineer.

Congratulations Jay!

Young Stars for Life!

Jay will join the close to 17,000 students enrolled at the community college this Fall. We support his decision. There is tremendous upside to starting first at a community college and then transferring to a four-year institution.

This route is far more affordable, the classes are smaller so students obtain more attention from the instructors, the schedules allow for engagement in employment or other activities, the class credits are acceptable by most other California institutions of higher learning including UCLA, USC, the Cal States etc., and options for employment subsequent to completion abound.

While he’s in college Jay will continue to participate in YRI’s Young Stars activities, including, providing peer mentoring to his younger colleagues.