Youth Resilience Institute

We support your children in their efforts to succeed. Better grades lead to great opportunities. Our commitment is to improve their study skills, assist with homework and provide a supportive environment for excellence.

Success brings Satisfaction


High School Prep

We support your middle school student to improve and maintain excellent grades. Their best performance guarantees their acceptance into LA’s best high schools.

College Prep

We support your high school students to perform at their best. Their consistently superior grades guarantees acceptance to the best institutions of higher learning in Los Angeles.

Leadership & Life Planning Training

The Young Stars Youth Group provides a supportive environment for enhancing your child’s leadership skills. Our life planning skills training guarantees a better quality of life now and as they move forward into adulthood.

What parents are saying

Both my son and daughter are in the study group and in the youth group. The change in their attitude, effort and grades is like night and day. I am thankful I decided to get them involved.

― Kim, Grade 7 parent

The confidence my son is now showing was the first indication the program works. He is far more interactive. He now has a clear path moving forward that he is diligently pursuing.

― Karen, Grade 11 parent

Finish Strong

Moving Forward

Youth Mentoring

Successful parents and professionals will come alongside your student to support their efforts and provide proven guidance.

Emotional Support

On staff clinical counselors are set in early 2023 to provide emotional support services to reduce anxiety, stress and other concerns among our students.

Job Placement

Linkages with trade schools, workforce organizations and businesses will guarantee internships, training and paid employment.

Do you want to get involved?

Some things never change. It still takes a village to prepare a child for adulthood. There is strength in numbers. Together there is a lot we can accomplish in unity.

If you have a child in middle school or high school, get in touch with us today. If you are driven to contribute and make a difference in the life of the students we support, get in touch with us today.